If your Debian cannot access SMB shares, ensure the maximum SMB version is set to SMBv2.

Setting it to None or SMBv3 causes a "Operation not permitted" error.

I couldn't find anything good enough... I guess I'll stay on Telegram + Discord for now.

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Hey Fediverse, what is a good client?

I don't really like Riot.im, and the other clients I tried are missing a lot of features...

I'm writing READMEs for projects that don't have one!

Want me to write one for you?

Appearently, the reason my website was not working was a library bug.


So... I programmed my website to show my 10 latest mastodon toots...

The toots part works perfectly, but the rest of the website completely exploded 😂

Hello Fediverse! Can anyone see this toot?


Un'istanza Mastodon gestita da Steffo.