@luciobarabesi Mettendolo in un canale meno affollato. Forse. In realtà dipende da molte cose...

answer to the mini spoil 

@Ambraven Wait, what is it foreshadowing? (Sorry, it's been a while since I finished Homestuck... :P)

@MairuzuRoxs @rainfruit Finding easy questions and answering them correctly should work... Afterall, 200 reputation are just 20 answer upvotes...

A small GitHub project I made reached 25 stars for the first time!

I'm very happy that people are finding it useful, considering I only made it for my High School final exam! 😄

A customizable, multilanguage Telegram shop bot with Telegram Payments support

@jeff My GitHub Pages website seems to be working 🤔

I used my free trial of Pluralsight IQ to take a Python test.

Most questions were unclear, useless or just plain wrong... 😐

I got placed in the 99th percentile with a score of 279 out of 300.

@lain what does shooting civilians even have to do with dota 2

If your Debian cannot access SMB shares, ensure the maximum SMB version is set to SMBv2.

Setting it to None or SMBv3 causes a "Operation not permitted" error.

I couldn't find anything good enough... I guess I'll stay on Telegram + Discord for now.

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Hey Fediverse, what is a good client?

I don't really like Riot.im, and the other clients I tried are missing a lot of features...

I'm writing READMEs for projects that don't have one!

Want me to write one for you?

@MairuzuRoxs You got me intrigued!

...if only quarantine didn't cancel all my future LAN parties... 😭

@Ambraven I remember having some problems installing Funkwhale 0.20.1... Do you need some help troubleshooting?

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